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Season 1:
Season 1 began late in 1994. So late, in fact, that only 2 out of 15 episodes came from that year; the rest were from 1995.

Episode 1:
Don't sweat it, Kenan!; Randy & Mandy; Earboy: "Hard of Earring"; Dr. K meets the Coz; Vital Information; Good Burger;More Vital Information; Da Brat signatures; Musical Guest: Da Brat ("Fa All Y'all")

Episode 2:
Get the Cast Together; Ready or Not, It's Ishboo! (We meet a VERY foreign exchange student); Vital Information; Lemonade Scammer (She'll offer everything in your lemonade - literally - for a PRICE!, or else she cries); Adventures of Superdude (he saves the day, then defeats Milkman); Mavis & Clavis intro, Musical Guest: TLC ("Creep"); TLC meets Lemonade Scammer.

Episode 3:
Cast's Scary Story; Jimmy Bond Agent 1/7 Meets Coldfinger; Good Burger: Good Weenie; Vital Information; Kenan Thompson gives an audience member a new look; Musical Guest: Immature ("Constantly")

Episode 4:
TV or Not to Be?; Randy & Mandy: The Chocolator; Dog Date Afternoon (While a boy describes his dog, the people he visits think he's describing their daughter); Miss Fingerly's Show & Tell (A "Spleen-derful" visit); Sheep In Audience (Alisa's allergy to wool reveals a sheep in the stands, then gets Kel arrested); Vital Information; Musical Guest: Craig Mack ("Flava In Ya Ear")

Episode 5:
Liver Let Die (The cast uses fake excuses to escape a liver sketch); Ishboo School (He gives Miss Fingerly a lesson she'll never forget); Vital Information; Earboy for President; Everyday French w/ Pierre Escargot; The Laf-a-teria; Pierre intro, Musical Guest: Brandy ("Baby")

Episode 6:
Josh Server's Strife w/ father; Mavis & Clavis at lunch (They save the day with their "Rama Lama from Alabama"); Vital Information; Oh Lordie, It's Gordie (He more than irritates Coach Kreeton); I Love Alisa (Fan of Alisa's interrupts the sketch, then a fan of Kenan's actually chases him in every sketch following, including the credits!); Crayopola Boardroom (The latest green color needs a name); Stalling the Musical Guest: Aaliyah ("Age Ain't Nothing But a Number")

Episode 7:
Alisa's Psychic; Good Burger Trainee; Vital Information; The Prize Inside; Audience Vendor (Interrupts the pirate sketch); Baggin, Saggin Barry (Saves the trip to the tennis match using his baggy pants); Ed introduces Musical Guest: Coolio ("Fantastic Voyage")

Episode 8:
Picked Last; Superdude: Scary Dairy (Defeats Milkman in his Dairy Lair); Vital Information; What's In the Box?; Pierre Escargot; Nightmare at Hooligan's; Musical Guest: Soul 4 Real ("Candy Rain")

Episode 9:
The Tour; Return of Randy & Mandy; Schoolastic Snacks; Stand-up with Arlene Loofa; Musical Guest: Changing Faces ("Foolin' Around")

Episode 10:
Cast's Outfit Problems; Blind Date with Ishboo; Vital Information; Driving Coach Kreeton (The lesson drives him NUTS!); Action League NOW!: "I've Been Workin On Derailroad" (They investigate mysterious train wrecks); Where's My Eraser?; Ishboo cons an audience member out of his seat and introduces Musical Guest: Blackstreet ("Love's In Need")

Episode 11:
Teenerific; When Earboy Met Sally; Vital Information; The Raffle; The Spelling Bee (Ricki Maraschino vs. Othello Creed); Musical Guest: Zhan ("Shame")

Episode 12:
Katrina dumps Kevin in a tub a yogurt; Mavis & Clavis: Scareplane; Vital Information; Miss Fingerly vs. Mr. Hi-Tech; Roseanne Aerobics; Lost & Found; Mavis & Clavis intro, Musical Guest: Usher ("Think of You"); Mavis & Clavis & Usher

Episode 13:
Audience Q & A; Good Burger: Good Burgalar vs. Superdude; Vital Information; Miss Fingerly vs. Schmutz the Class Clown; Cereal Critics Allen & Alan; Pierre Escargot; Musical Guest: A Few Good Men ("Young Girl")

Episode 14:
Cast Party in the Green Room; Surprise Marty (Every surprise causes him to faint); Urkel's Holiday Hits; Vital Information; Volleybull (Coach Kreeton is driven crazy trying to teach his class how to play volleyball); Miss Fingerly in "Do You Do That at Home?"; Action League NOW!: "Stinky on Ice"; Musical Guest: Aftermath starring All That's own Kel Mitchell ("Chillin'")

Episode 15: (Note that this one is considered to be the pilot)
The Cast's Cool Shoes; Baggin', Saggin' Barry: The Camping Trip; Luck E. Cheese Bouncer and Phil Moore; Special Musical Performances (Shown after some sketches, a spoof on "Annie"); Miss Fingerly in "Did You Bring Enough For the Whole Class?"; GLORP (Attack of Mutated Leftovers); Intro to Walter the Earboy; Mavis & Clavis intro, Musical Guest: TLC ("What About Your Friends?"); Interview with Leap Froggy Frogg
Hey, It's time for Season 2
October 7th, 1995 to January, 1996. Then 6 new episodes in September 1996.

Episode 16:
The All That Audition footage; Good Burger Commercial; Loud Librarian; Randy & Mandy: The Chocolate Toothache; Loud Librarian intoduces Musical Guest: Naughty By Nature ("Clap Yo Hands")

Episode 17:
Cast leeds Kevin; Happy Ishboo to You; Island Girls; Pierre Escargot; Detective Dan; Vital Information with.... MONICA? Musical Guest: Monica ("Don't Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days)")

Episode 18:
Spin the Bottle; Kreeton Gets Cat; Miss Fingerly: That's Cheatin'; Pierre Escargot; The Secret World of Alex Sax; Guest Star Larisa Oleynik; Vital Information; Ishboo & Da Brat and the Sponge Toss; Musical Guest: Da Brat ("Give It 2 Ya")

Episode 19:
Kel vs. Alisa; Superdude's Ice Cream Fling; Teacher's Pet Wars; Pierre Escargot; Repairman Adventure; Mavis & Clavis meet Malcom Jamal-Warner; Musical Guest: Mokenstef ("He's Mine" Remix)

Episode 20:
Josh's Nightmare; Good Burger: Bad Bugs; The Goof-Offs; Loud Librarian; Vital Information; Mavis & Clavis introduce Musical Guest: Jon B. ("Pretty Girl")

Episode 21:
Missing Audience; Baggin' Saggin' Barry meets Baggin' Saggin' Mary; Earboy: Pork on a Stick; Island Girls vs. Pirates; Island Girls introduce Musical Guest: The Twinz ("Round & Round")

Episode 22:
Kel's sleeping legs; The Okrah Show: Kids Out of Control; Vital Information (Interrupted, as Katrina was locked in her locker); Repairman: ROCK N' REPAIR!; Pierre Escargot; Complaint Department; Pierre introduces Musical Guest: Monteco ("Down to the Bone")

Episode 23:
Cast Fan Mail; Ishboo Sleepover; Relentless Little Pansy (Refuses to take no for an answer when she sells her cookies); Pierre Escargot; Loud Librarian; Peter & Flem; Musical Guest: Soul For Real ("If You Want It")

Episode 24:
Ice Contest; Good Burger: Alien Invasion; Return of Show & Tell; Pierre Escargot; Dr. K Meets Roseanne; Peter & Flem; Musical Guest: Subway ("Get Da Money")

Episode 25: (The Christmas Special)
Cast Meets Santa; Holiday Cooking With Randy & Mandy; Superdude Saves Christmas; Holiday French w/ Pierre Escargot; Christmas Lemonade Scammer; Peter & Flem; The Girls' Christmas Carol; Musical Guest: Run DMC ("Christmas In Hollis")

Episode 26:
The Drink Experiment; Superdude vs. Butterboy (Milkman's evil butter in-law); Bad Breath 3; Lumpco Toy Co. Board Meeting (They need better toys); Pierre Escargot; Date Sabotage; Peter & Flem; Musical Guest: Xscape ("Who Can I Run To?")

Episode 27:
Magic Basketball Shots; Coach Kreeton's Wrestling Class; Earboy: The Rossy Shuffle; Pierre Escargot; Lemonade Scammer on a Hot Day; Peter & Flem; Ross Perot introduces Musical Guest: Diana King ("Shy Guy")

Episode 28:
Refrigerator Call; Okrah: Talented Teenagers (Earboy, Ross Perot, and Sinbad appear); Like Father, Like Ishboo; Randy & Mandy: Chocolate Inventions; Guest Star: Sinbad; Ed and Musical Guest: Coolio ("Smilin'")

Episode 29:
Cast meets Mark Curry; Miss Fingerly meets Bacteria; Good Burger Drive-Thru; Pierre Escargot; Complaint Department; Guest Star: Mark Curry; Musical Guest: Deborah Cox ("Sentimental")

Episode 30:
Cast Charades; Bruno the Ballerina; Island Girls: The Rescue; Presto the Magic Magician; Peter & Flem; Okrah introduces Musical Guest: Immature ("We Got It")

Episode 31:
Bubble Blowing Contest; Coach Kreeton in the Hospital; The Wizard of Coz; Lemonade Scammer; Musical Guest: Terry Ellis ("Wherever You Are")

Episode 32:
Mourn for the Corn; Cheese Police Bust; Miss Fingerly meets Repairman; Ishboo's Doctor Visit; Pierre Introduces Musical Guest: Faith Evans ("You Used To Love Me")

Episode 33:
The Writers have gone BANANAS!; Superdude and Milkman square off at Dullmont Jr. High; Loud Librarian at her worst (this season); Pierre Escargot; Falafil the Genie of the Root Beer Can; Peter & Flem; Pierre Introduces Musical Guest: Silk ("Hooked on You")

Episode 34:
Card Trickery; Good Blur-Ger; Goat Date; Pierre Escargot; Let's Get Messy; Peter & Flem introduce Musical Guest: Shai ("Come With Me")

Episode 35:
Requests From Audience; Good Booo-Ger; Earboy: The Trial; Did You Hear?..; Peter & Flem; Vital Intro; Musical Guest: IV Xample ("This Is From the Fool")

Episode 36: (Last one from Orlando, and Last Episode to Feature Angelique Bates)
Cast Now & Later; Detective Dan at the Museum; Vital Information; Parallel Planet (Kids here can do whatever they want); Pierre Escargot; Ice Cream Truck; Peter & Flem; Detective Dan Intro; Musical Guest: Monifah ("I Miss You")
Season 3
"All That" has gone (to) Hollywood! A run of 13 episodes starting November 16th, 1996; then 7 more in September 1997.

Episode 37:
Amanda's Welcome; Randy's Auditions (Without Angelique in the cast, there's no Mandy anymore); Vital Information; Double Good Burger; Pierre Escargot; The Gifted Class; Guest Stars Tia and Tamera Mowry; Superdude introduces Musical Guest: LL Cool J ("Who Do Ya Luv")

Episode 38:
Search For Kevin; Superdude vs. Yogurl; Repairman In Space; Pierre Escargot; Show & Tell: The Chicken Pox; Vital Intro; Musical Guest: Montell Jordan ("Baby, I Like")

Episode 39:
Amanda's Dance Crazy!; Good Burger: Health Inspection; Randy & Andy; Pierre Escargot; The BIG Note; Vital Information; Miss Fingerly's Class (OLD after that still unfinished note) introduces Musical Guest: Immature ("Watch Me Do My Thang")

Episode 40:
The Cake; Ishboo House Call; Island Girls: Didi (Kiki's sister); Mavis & Clavis: Substitute (They build a car out of wood); Pierre introduces Musical Guest: Dru Hill ("Tell Me")

Episode 41:
Kevin's Prank; Good Burger: Fantasy Ed; Ask Ashley; Class Cowboy (Miss Fingerly meets Dusty Pants); Peter & Flem; Guest star Tyra Banks; Pierre Introduces Musical Guest: Blackstreet ("No Diggity")

Episode 42:
Kel's going Sumo; Ishboo Psychiatrist; Island Girls vs. Natives; Lemonade Scammer & Co.; Island Girls Introduce Musical Guest: A Tribe Called Quest ("Stressed Out")

Episode 43:
Josh Swaynesboro of Fontcastle; Meet the Maroons; Good Burger: Good Party; Bradley The Big Ol' Baby; Peter & Flem Introduce Musical Guest: 702 ("Stee-Lo")

Episode 44:
The Fish; Okrah Attack ( The painful art of self-defense) ; The Geek Club; Pierre Escargot; Ask Ashley; Peter & Flem; Ashley Introduces Musical Guest: Tony Toni Tone ("Let's Get Down")

Episode 45:
Katrina's Time Machine; Randy & Farley (Chef Farley the ketchup lover meets Randy); Coach Kreeton's Date; Chuckin T-Maters (Squash Boy couldn't make the sketch, so they improvise); Guest star Chris Farley; Vital Introduction; Musical Guest: Mint Condition ("What Kind of Man")

Episode 46:
Eatin' the Corn; Earboy Bullies (Ross Perot teaches Earboy the fine art of self-defense - with sausages!); Super Okrah (Superdude and Milkman do battle on the Okrah Show); Haunted Hand; Musical Guest: 112 ("Only You")

Episode 47:
Kenan's feeling wierd; Good Good Good Good Burger; Island Girls Independence Day; Pierre Escargot; Ask Ashley; Guest star Sherman Hemsley; Loud Librarian Introduces Musical Guest: Nas ("Street Dreams")

Episode 48:
Trapped; Space Sketch; Earboy: The Mutations; Pierre Escargot; Audience Beach Ball; Guest star John Leguizamo; Musical Guest: Mona Lisa ("All I Do")

Episode 49:
Kel's Birthday; Repairman Al Dente; Loud Librarian; Pierre Escargot; Everything Sticky; Repairman Intro; Musical Guest: Ray J. ("Let It Go")

Episode 50:
Get in the Box; Good Burger: Food Critic; Bradley's Big Ol' Date; Ask Ashley & Brothers; Guest stars Dr. Joyce Brothers and Sherman Hemsley; Vital Introduction; Musical Guest: Heavy D. ("Big Daddy")

Episode 51:
Tricia Dickson Opening; Detective Dan Domestic Call; Miss Pidlin (The school lunch lady with an obsession with peas); Pierre Escargot; Really Loud Librarian; Vital Introduction; Musical Guest: For Real ("Saddest Song")

Episode 52:
Popcorn Room; Superdude's Evil Twin; Family vs. Family (The Kopelows vs. the Maroons); Pierre Escargot; What's That, Fingerly?; Space Intro; Musical Guest: AZ Yet ("Hard To Say I'm Sorry")

Episode 53:
Kenan's Blue Hair; Good Scratch & Win; Complaint Department; Coach Kreeton: Hall Monitor (More pain than you'd imagine possible in a school hallway); Peter & Flem; Musical Guest: Aaliyah ("One In a Million")

Episode 54:
The Fight (Lori Beth and The Big Ear of Corn stop talking); Okrah: Secret Crushes; Space Sketch Again; Ask Ashley; Miss Fingerly introduces Musical Guest: Monica ("For You I Will")

Episode 55:
Fouled up Lunch Orders; You Can't Win; Class Disruptions; Mavis & Clavis: Shout!; Antoine Introduces Musical Guest: MC Lyte ("Cold Rock a Party")

Episode 56: (Last Episode to Feature Alisa Reyes, Katrina Johnson and Tricia Dickson)
Green Room Lifeguard; Miss Pidlin; Space Sketch Beginning; Pierre Escargot; Audience Fishing; Musical Guest: Erykah Badu ("On and On")
Season 4, of course!
"All That" + 1997= ALL NEW EPISODES! Now add 1998, and you get more new episodes!! And the Cast Takes on Zach McLemore for a half a season.

Episode 57:
Cast takes on new members (Danny, Christy, and Leon join up); Tooth Fairy; Vital Information; Bacteria's Auditions (Rash (Alisa) quit the band, so they're short a bass player); Ask Ashley; Musical Guest: Mase ("Feel So Good")

Episode 58:
Kenan's teeth aren't clean; Repairman in the Ladies Room; What Do You Do?; Jack Cambpell: Fat Cop; Antoine Introduces Musical Guest: Busta Rhymes ("Dangerous"; "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See")

Episode 59:
Josh Server in Sleep Mode; Randy & Grandfather; Leroy & Fuzz on Homework; Pierre Escargot; We Got Pants; Guest star: Tommy Davidson; Musical Guest: Robyn ("Show Me Love")

Episode 60:
Cast in the Cage (New Security Guard); Good Burger Mismanagement (Guess who fills in for Mr. Bailey); Leroy & Fuzz on Vegetables; C. J. & the Cloudy Knights; Cloudy Knights introduce Musical Guest: Wyclef Jean ("Staying Alive"; "Gone Till November - Remix")

Episode 61: Last Episode to Feature Zach McLemore
The Voice Switch; Miss Pidlin Catering; Ask Ashley; Miss Fingerly Meets Simon the Sleepwalker (or is he...); Ashley reads note from Musical Guest: Dru Hill ("5 Steps")

Episode 62:
Staring Contest (Amanda's staring burns eyes and pops the Big Ear of Corn); Randy & Campbell; What-Everrr; Toby Braun & The Board; Pierre Introduces Musical Guest: Mary J. Blige ("Everything")

Episode 63:
Meteor Headed This Way; Coach Kreeton: Substitute (One student has a Kreeton Voodoo Doll); Tater & Family Get Cable; Pierre Escargot; Ask Ashley; Pierre Introduces Musical Guest: Immature ("Give Up The Ghost")

Episode 64:
Magic Tricks; Good Burger Good Shrimp; Jimmy Bond Agent 1/7 meets Hot Toe (And Coldfinger); Ask Who? (Amanda's in the audience); Musical Guest: The Spice Girls ("Spice Up Your Life")

Episode 65:
Danny's Tonsilectomy; Mavis & Clavis: High School Reunion; What-Everrr; Detective Dan at the Station; Musical Guest: God's Property ("Stomp")

Episode 66:
Christy's Outta Juice; Space Cadets vs. Crouton; I Luv Lucy; Pierre Escargot; Leroy & Fuzz on Bathing; Peter & Flem; Musical Guest: Backstreet Boys ("As Long as You Love Me")

Episode 67:
Fishing For Pork; Coach Kreeton: Babysitter; Lester Oaks meets Dr. Bynes (The world's worst dentist); Bully School; Librarian Introduces Musical Guest: Usher ("You Make Me Wanna")

Episode 68:
Josh Stuck on the Treadmill; Superdude vs. Cowboy (In the Wild West); Ask Ashley; Pierre Escargot; Show & Tell: A Monster-ous presentation; Ed Introduces Musical Guest: Missy Elliott ("The Rain")

Episode 69:
Danny's Foot Odor; Good Burger: To Go (Ed's gotta go, if you catch my drift...); Vital Information; Extremely Loud Librarian; What Do You Do?; Musical Guest: Boyz II Men ("Can't Let Her Go")

Episode 70:
Dart throwing; Miss Pidlin & Competition; Vital Information; Intensevely Loud Librarian at her worst on the show; Pricipal Temp Auditions; Peter & Flem Introduce Musical Guest: Destiny's Child ("No, No, No Part 2")

Episode 71:
Danny's Nightmare (Everyone is Kevin); Auto Repairman and Repairboy (GULP!); Complaint Dept.; Pierre Escargot; Miss Fingerly vs. Class Prankster; Vital Intorduction; Musical Guest: LL Cool J ("Father")

Episode 72:
Speaking Spanish; Miss Pidlin on Halloween; Mavis & Clavis: Shipwrecked; Ask Ashley; Acting Coach; Musical Guests: Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat ("The Party Continues")

Episode 73:
Mission to Jupiter (Amanda and Leon are out to launch); Coach Kreeton: Home Eccch!; Dusty Pants and Nast Nancy vs. the Slappy Brothers; Miss Pidlin Introduces Musical Guest: Salt 'N Pepa ("R U Ready")

Episode 74:
Robo-Danny; What-Everr on Hanson (They meet Lump Maroon and Lester Oaks: Consruction Worker); Coach Kreeton's Birthday; Leroy & Fuzz on Babysitters; Pierre Introduces Musical Guests: K-Ci & JoJo ("All My life")

Episode 75:
Where's Amanda?; USS Spaceship Crew vs. Velcro; What-Everrr Girls meet Kobe Bryant; Pierre Escargot; Leroy & Fuzz on Bedtime; Peter & Flem; Principal William Banes Pimpell Introduces Musical Guest: Ice Cube ("We Be Clubbin'")

Episode 76:
Green Room Bullies; Detective Dan's Class; Cheese Police Class; Pierre Escargot; Toby Braun and The Brute; Vital Introduction; Musical Guest: The Lox ("If You Think I'm Jiggy")

Episode 77: (Last Episode to Feature Lori Beth Denberg & The Big Ear of Corn)
The Scarecrow; I Luv Repairman; Vital Information (with lobster claws); Misfortune Teller; Miss Fingerly's Brithday; Miss Fingerly by Accident; Vital Introduction; Musical Guest: Sugar Ray ("Fly")
Season 5 (What the?!...)
It's 1998... Make that 1999...

Episode 78:
Mail-Order Cast Member; Dullmont Cook-Off (Miss Pidlin's Back!); Vital Information with Danny Tamberelli; The Dullmont Stakeout (Janitor Gaseous and Principal Pimpell try to catch who's been putting gum on the water fountain, but others in the school do worse); Ask Ashley; Principal William Banes Pimpell Introduces Musical Guests: Blackstreet & Mya ("Take Me There")

Episode 79:
Danny's Mom; Superdude vs. Dairy Godfather; Postal Disaster; First Aid Class; Lester Oaks: Construction Worker introduces Musical Guest: Deborah Cox ("Nobody's Supposed To Be Here")

Episode 80:
Who Stole Leon; The Spice Boys: Spice Cube; What-Everrr: The cutest boy; Overzealous Waiter; Spice Cube introduces Musical Guest: Shaquille O'Neal ("Heat It Up")

Episode 81:
Misfortune Cookies; the Spice Boys: Recording Session (Monica helps out); Stuart the Yearbook Photographer (He's not the "real yearbook photographer", he's just a guy - named Stuart!); What-Everrr: The Leo Party; Musical Guest: Monica ("Angel of Mine")

Episode 82:
Black & White; You Can't Win; Dullmont Music Class; Leroy & Fuzz on Brushing Your Teeth; Pierre Introduces Musical Guest: Faith Evans ("Love Like This")

Episode 83:
Giant Carrot; Miss Pidlin Camping; Channel 61/2 News: Forecast from Death Valley; Best Friends Forever Show; Ashley Introduces Musical Guest: Mya ("Movin' On")

Episode 84:
Jimmy Bond Agent 1/7; Leroy & Fuzz on Sharing; Seymour Reacts to Bad Tennis; Miss Clump's Career Day; Don't Do This@ Home; Leroy & Fuzz introduce Musical Guest: 98 Degrees("Because of You)

"All That Live!" (Episode 100)
Actually Episode 85
Where's Danny?; Good Burger; Randy & Mandy Clips; What-Everrrr meets Repairman; Coach Kreeton Clips; Guest stars Melissa Joan Hart, Paula Abdul; Special guests: former cast members Angelique Bates, Katrina Johnson, Alisa Reyes; Guest host: Mya; Mavis & Clavis introduce Musical Guest: Lauryn Hill ("Doo-Wop (That Thing)"); Loud Librarian Clips
Backstage Tour; Vital Information; Where's Danny; Leroy & Fuzz Clips; Miss Pidlin Clips; Fax Ashley; Inconvenience Store; Detective Dan Clips; Superdude Clips; Special Guest: Lori Beth Denberg; Guest star: Larisa Oleynik; Musical Guest: Busta Rhymes ("Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See"; "Gimme Some Mo'")

Episode 101/86:
Simon Sez; Inconvenience Store; Science Class Projects; Pierre Escargot; Ask Ashley; Musical Guest: 112 ("Love Me")

Episode 102/87:
Time Capsule; The Spice Boys; Dr. Leroy & Fuzz; All That's celebration of their 1,000,000th use of "cheese" (another interrupted sketch); Guest appearance by Richard Riordon, Mayor of Los Angeles; Musical Guest: Outkast ("Rosa Parks")

Episode 103/88:
Green Guardian; At Home with Detective Dan; The Date Game; Class Juice; Sky Introduces Musical Guest: Divine ("Lately")

Episode 104/89:
The Alien; Inconvenience Store; Channel 6 1/2 Sports (Live from the Dullmont cafeteria); Leroy & Fuzz on haircuts; Stuart is not the "real" Musical Guest: 5 Young Men ("One More Chance")

Episode 105/90:
Amanda's Lost Voice; Miss Pidlin: Beached; Seymour Reacts to Stuff: Why Did The Chicken Cross the Road; Coach Kreeton vs. Science Projects; Pierre Escargot; Ask Ashley; Musical Guest: Joey McIntyre ("Stay the Same")

Episode 106/91:
Swordfish in the Stone; Judge Stuart; Barber Shop; Pierre Escargot; Detective Dan: Bank Robbery; Mavis & Clavis introduce Musical Guest: Backstreet Boys ("I Want It That Way")

Episode 92:
He Said, She Said, Kevin Said; Substitute Sketch; Vital Information; Pet Rock Star; Seymour Reacts to Stuff; Spice Boys Hotel; Vital Introduction; Musical Guest: 3rd Storee ("If Ever")

Episode 93:
Treasure Map; Art Class; Seymour Reacts to Stuff; What-Everrr - Mister Whatever; Don't Do This@ School; Pierre Escargot; Musical Guest: New Radicals ("Reason To Live")

Episode 94:
Dullmont Workout; Channel 6 1/2 Sports: The Test; Pierre Escargot; Leroy & Fuzz: Chores; Musical Guest: The Math featuring Kel Mitchell ("We Gets Down")

Episode 95: (Last Episode to Feature Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell)
Elephant Tug-o-war; Inconvenience Store Trainee; Vital Information; Seymour Reacts to Stuff; Channel 6 1/2 News: Montana Hurricane; Pierre Escargot; Class Vampire; Don't Do This@ School; Vital Introduction; Musical Guest: Shanice ("When I Close My Eyes")
Season 6!
With an A-OK in Y2G (I did that intentionally in order to divert from the whole "Y2K" stick, mostly associated with a computer compliance bug), "All That" bid a fond farewell to Kenan and Kel (Who aired the last episode of "Kenan & Kel" on December 31st, 1999 at 9:00/8:00c), and welcomed a new cast member, Gabirel Iglesias, as well as changing the opening sequence (again). It all started on January 15th, 2000...

Episode 96:
Gabriel in the Cereal Box (Anyone for "All That" Flakes); Cheeseburger Doyle, Private Eye; Vital Information; Turbulent Airlines Flight; Ask Ashley; Pizza Guy; Baby Chat; Vital Introduction; Musical Guest: B*witched ("Jesse Hold On")

Episode 97:
Amanda and Nick build a snowman out of Kevin;Cockroaches In Your Pants;Vital Information;Francis the Caveman -- Snow Day;Have a Nice Day;Boringman vs. Hypnopants;Musical Guest: Hoku ("Another Dumb Blonde")

Episode 98:
Musical Open;Channel 6 1/2 News;Cheeseburger Doyle, Private Eye;Baby Chat;Toby Braun: TrophyMaker 2000;Dr. Debbie Introduces Musical Guest:Mandy Moore ("Candy")

Episode 99:
Face the Music; Cheeseburger Doyle: Private Eye; Channel 6 1/2 News with Laugh-a-tastic Whilemina; The Juice-a-nator, turns everything you put in it into juice; Job to Job with Ray Orialous; Teenie Weenie Introduces
Musical Guest: Blaque ("Bring It All To Me")

Episode 100:
Green Room Portal;Latanya;Sweaty Spice;Francis the Caveman Show;Channel 6 1/2 News;Ask STUART;Bernnie Kibbitz introduces
Musical Guest: LFO ("Girl On TV")

Episode 101:
Mark turns Leon into a half-human,half-rat;Jiffy Springs,Bengi Martin and The Spice Boys;Vital Information;Pizza Guy in Ms.Knowitall's Class;BabyChat;Danny and Josh try to do a "slow-food" restaurant sketch,but there are constant interruptions;Channel 6 1/2 Breaking News;Latanya introduces Musical Guest: M2M ("Mirror Mirror")

Episode 102:
Arm Wrestleing; The Fireman/Alien in the Classroom, the students think he is an alien but the Teacher is sure that he is a fireman; Happy Homestuff with Gloria Bankhead; Baby Chat; Ask Ashley; Channel 6 1/2 Breaking News; Musical Guest: Jennifer Lopez: ("Waiting For Tonight")

Episode 103:
Hide and Seek;Cheesburger Doyle, Private Eye;VitalInformation; A message from President Clinton;Al and Nigel, Animal Wranglers;Channel 6 1/2 News Break;Dr. Debbie, the Cheerleader; Musical Guest: No Authority

Episode 104:
Exercise Bike;Detective Dan Wedding;Vital Information;Al and Nigel;Waht everrr! Workout;Amanda turns a grapefruit into Nsync and Introduces Musical Guest: Nsync ("Bye, Bye, Bye")

Episode 105:
The Big Bet; Cheeseburger Doyle: Private Eye; Teenie Weenie Bopper Beannie; Baby Chat; The Laugh-a-tastic Whilemina; Channel 6 1/2 News

Episode 106:
Bionic Danny;Cheesburger Doyle, Private Eye;Vital Information;
Channel 6 1/2 News Breaking News;Vegetable Hunting;Baby Chat;Boringman: Return of Hypnopants;Musical Guest: Tracie Spencer.

Episode 107:
Leon for President; Jimmy Bond Agent 1/7; Superhero Auditions; Channel 6 1/2 Breaking News; Toby Braun and Moby Braun; Balloon Guy Introduces Musical Guest: Britney Spears ("Ooops, I Did It Again!")

Episode 108:
The Ballroom Crystal; Smell-you-Later!; The realalistic remote-control; Cheeseburger Doyle: Private Eye; An Important Message From Zeeni; Mother and Daughter Competition; Vital Information Introduces Musical Guest: Backstreet Boys ("Drowinng")

Episode 109:
Star in the Cast; Cheeseburger Doyle: Private Eye; Laugh-a-Tastic Whilemina; All by Herself; Toby Braun and the Weight-a-nator; Job to Job with Ray Orialous; Ask Ashley Introduces Musical Guest: Dream Street ("It Happens Everytime")

Episode 110:
The Cast gets Lost!; Ask Ashley; The Teacher Tryouts; Baby Chat; Jimmy Bond Agent 1/7;Stinky Cheeses; Cheeseburger Doyle Introduces Musical Guest: U2 ("Don't Mess With Me")

Episode 111: (Last Episode to Feature the Some-What "Old Cast" in a regular episode) Danny's Bad Hair Day; Channel 6 1/2 News with Ray Orialous; Happy Homestuff With Gloria Bankhead with Special Guest: Bill Clinton; An Important Message From Zeeni; Stuart, he is NOT the real substitute teacher; Ask Ashley; Turbulent Airlines Introduces Musical Guest: IMX ("Love Me")
The Best Of Seasons 1-6

Episode 112:
The Best of Kenan Thompson

Episode 113:
The Best of Kel Mitchell

Episode 114:
The Best of Amanda Bynes

Episode 115:
The Best of Josh Server

Episode 116:
The Best of Danny Tamberrelli

Episode 117:
The Best of Lori Beth Denberg

Episode 118:
The Best of Leon Frierson

Episode 119:
The Best of Christy Knowings

Episode 120:
Peas, Cheese and a Bag of Chips

Episode 121:
Dates, Goats and Romance
Season 7, yay!!!!
This season introduces the WHOLE NEW different Cast: Chelsea Brummet, Jack De Sena, Lisa Foiles, Bryan Hearne, Shane Lyons, Giovonnie Samuels and Kyle Sullivan, allthough they had special guests in every episode this season, viewrs did NOT seem to enjoy the show anymore and could not get used to the new cast. This season went on from August 2001 to January 2002.

Episode 122:
Frankie Muniz finds a whole new cast; Coming at Ya!; Sugar and Coffee; Toy ER; Vocabulary with Lisa; Rate the Pain; Know Your Stars: Lisa Foiles Wake-Up Scene; Musical Guest: Aaron Carter: ("Aaron's Party, come get it!")

Episode 123:
The Cast Meets Melissa Joan Hart; Coming at Ya!; The Crazy Taxi Driver; Rate the Pain; Harry Bladder; Vocabulary With Lisa; Know Your Stars: Giovonnie Samuels; Musical Guest: Usher ("Ooh Baby")

Episode 124:
The Cast Meets Barry Watson; Coming at Ya!; Chit Chat; Kyle Playing the Piano; Live From the Toilet: Britney!; Wake Up Scene; Crazy Taxi Driver; Know Your Stars: Chelsea Brummet; Musical Guest: Un-Known ("Un-Known Song")

Episode 125:
Wake Up Shane!; Coming at Ya!; Bridgett's Slumber Party; TR Yell; Wake Up Scene; Know Your Stars: Shane Lyons; Vocabulary With Lisa; Kid at the Principal's Office; Britney Introduces Musical Guest: P Diddy ("Dig In")

Episode 126:
The Cast's new Video Phone, they call Britney Spears; Coming at Ya!; Bridgett's Slumber Party; Rate the Pain; Oven Lovin' with Bufford and Percy; Know Your Stars: Britney Spears; Vocabulary with Lisa; Blooper Scene with Britney; Sugar and Coffee Introduces Musical Guest: Britney Spears ("I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman")

Episode 127:
The Cast Meets Will Friedle; Coming at Ya!; Harry Bladder and the Magic Dance; Kids vs. Adults; Underwater Breaking News; Know Your Stars: Lisa Foiles; Musical Guest: Nelly Furtado: ("Turn Off Your Lights")

Episode 128:
Cast Meets Christina Vidal and Asks for Requests; Coming at Ya!; the Tilt-a-Hurl; Rate the Pain; Oven Lovin' With Bufford and Percy; Know Your Stars: Bryan Hearne; the Difference Between Girls and Guys; Blooper Scene with Christina Vidal; Musical Guest: Tyreek ("Baby I Love Ya")

Episode 129:
The Cast Meets Penelope Tyant; Coming at Ya!; Sugar and Coffee with Amanda Bynes; Connect the Zits; Vocabulary with Lisa; Shady Airlines; Know Your Stars: Amanda Bynes; Blooper Scene: Amanda Bynes with Ask Ashley; Chit Chat Introduces Musical Guest: City High ("Yes Yes Yes")

Episode 130:
Green Room: Kenan returns to All That;Comin' At Ya;Harry Bladder: Harry must save Professor Pimpell when he is turned into Lord Moldyshorts;Sugar And Coffee with Special Guest: Miss.Piddlin; Superdude Meets Soupdude(Shane);Musical Guest: ???

Episode 131:
The Cast Meets Tony Hawk;Comin' At Ya!;Sugar & Coffee;Rate the Pain;Shane Gets Launched;Chit Chat;Know Your Stars: Bryan Hearne;Wake Up Scene;Comin' At Ya!;Musical Guest: Barenaked Ladies

Episode 132:
Episode 133:
Episode 134:
Episode 135:
Episode 136:
Episode 137:
Episode 138:
Episode 139:
Episode 140:

Season 8
Jamie Spears,Britney's Spears's younger sister,joins the cast.

Episode 141:
The Cast picks Jamie Spears as a new cast member (by Jamie bribing them with money);Bridget's Slumber Party; Storytime With The Osbournes;Rate The Pain;Musical Guest: B2K

Episode 142:
The cast meets a VERY old cast member of All That backstage;
Crazy Cab Driver;Thelma Stump: Jack DeSena;Randy Quench;
Know Your Stars: The Spy Kids;Randy Quench (Jack) introduces Musical Guest:Play featuring Chris from Dreamstreet!("I'm gonna make you love me")

Episode 143:
Musical Guest: Yasmeen

Episode 144:
Special Guest: Jennifer Love Hewitt; Musical Guest: Jeffrey Licon

Episode 145:
Jack uses Jamie's hair growth Tonic to grow a Mustache but grows a giant beard instead;Sugar & Coffee; Thelma Stump: Justin Timberlake;Randy Quench;Wake Up Scene: Justin Timberlake;Storytime With The Osbournes;Know Your Stars: Bryan Hearne;Musical Guest: Aaron Carter

Episode 146:
Musical Guest: Avril Lavigne ("Sk8er Boi")

Episode 147:
Musical Guest: 3LW

Episode 148:
Green Room: The Cast Meets Matthew Lilard!;Chit Chat;Advice From The Old Lady In Shane's Mouth;Randy Quench;Connect The Zits: A Flower;Know Your Stars: Lisa Foiles; Claudia introduces Musical Guest: O-Town

Episode 149:
Green Room: Pickleboy must save the cast when a loud comedy sargeant takes over the Green Room

Episode 150:
Episode 151:
Episode 152:
Episode 153:
Episode 154:
Episode 155:
Episode 156:
Episode 157:
Episode 158:
Episode 159: Last Episode to Feature Bryan & Pickleboy.

Episode: R U All That?
The cast members try and search for the funniest kid in America to become a new cast member for the 9th season.
Season 9
Christina Kirkman joins the cast of All That after winning the RU All That contest.

Episode 160:
Christina has joined the cast and deals with the Know Your Stars Guy;American Idiot;The Punchies

Episode 161:

Episode 162:

Episode 163:

Episode 164:

Episode 165:

Episode 166:

Episode 167:

Episode 168:

Episode 169:

Episode 170:

Episode 171:

Episode 172:

Episode 173:

Episode 174:

Episode 175:
Season 10

Shane, Giovonnie, and Jamie Lynn Spears have left the house, and new castmembers Denzel and Kianna are in, along with LilJJ returning with the Legendary Vital Information!

Episode 176:
All That Action Figures;Zortogs;Vital Information;Randy Quench Volunteer Fireman: Barbeque;A Poem By Claudia;Know Your Stars:Denzel Whitaker;Musical Guest: Mario ("Let Me Love You")

Episode 177:
Jack's Stunt Double;The L.A.M.O.S.;Vital Information;Jim Tasty;Know Your Stars:Kianna Underwood;Musical Guest:Fantasia

Episode 178:
Dance Contest;The Filthy Chef: Spagetti and Meatballs;Vital Information;Arts And Crafts with Percy and Poncy:Birdhouse;Ask MeeMaw;Know Your Stars:Chelsea Brummet;Muscial Guest:Jesee McCarthy("Beautiful Soul")

Episode 179:
Denzel's Blood Test;Sugar & Coffee In The Chemistry Class;A Poem By Claudia;Arts And Crafts with Percy and Poncy:Knitting;Vital Information;Kareena Jones;Know Your Stars:Christina Kirkman;Muscial Guest: Jojo ("Baby It's You")

Episode 180:
Defective Lisa Clone;Zortogs;Vital Information;Escaped Criminal Roxy McDougal in Ms.Bubell's Class;Know Your Stars:Kyle Sullivan;Musical Guest:Tyler Hilton

Episode 181:
Kyle's Elderly Girlfriend;2Gether 4Ever;Vital Information;Kareen Jones Public Service Announcement: Stay In School;Jeff Bester: Safety Tester;Know Your Stars:Ryan Coleman;Musical Guest:Drake Bell("Spinning In Circles")

Episode 182:
Denzel's Yard Sale;The Filthy Chef:Chicken and Macaroni and Cheese;Kianna Jones Public Service Announcement:Recycle;Vital Information;2Gether 4Ever;Know Your Stars:Ryan Coleman;Musical Guest:Morgan Smith

Episode 183:
Musical Guest: Brooke Valentine

Episode 184:
Kyle & The Chicken;The Filthy Chef:Clam Chowder;A Poem By Claudia;Vital Information;Ask MeeMaw;Jeff Bester:Safety Tester;Know Your Stars:Lisa Foiles;Percy and Poncy Introduce
Musical Guest: American Hi-Fi

Episode 185:
Musical Guest: Lalaine

Episode 186:
Truth Or Bear?;The L.A.M.O.S.:Fashion Show;Vital Information;A Poem By Claudia;Ask MeeMaw;Know Your Stars:Kianna Underwood;Muscial Guest: Bow Wow

Episode 187:
Musical Guest: Brie Larson

Episode: (All That 10th Anniversary Reunion Special):
Frankie Muniz must get past Thelma Stump in order to host the show;Good Burger 10th Anniversary;Chelsea runs into Mavis and Clavis;Kenan And Kel talk about their childhood on All That followed by classic clips of their moments on All That;Carlee And Marlee crach the reunion party in the Green Room;All That Bloopers;Josh Server Introduces Musical Guest: Ashanti;Celebs wish All That a Happy 10;Franki Interviews Danny Tamberelli and Josh Server;All That Auditions Part 1:Kianna Underwood joins the cast of All That;Coach Kreeton tries to propose to Abby Rhodes, but he gets many unwelcomed guest including Principla William Banes Pimpell,Jack Campell:Fat Cop,Detective Dan;Sugar & Coffee Hosts Buzz and Kaffy, and Randy Quench: Volunteer Fireman;All That Auditions Part 2:Denzel Whitaker joins the cats of All That;Former Castmember:Nick Cannon,Live Via Satellite,welcomes Denzel and Kianna to the All That Family, but Repairman arrives to "fix" a fauly microphone;Season 10 Preview;Everyday French With Pierre Escargot;Al That Classic Clip:Dear Ashley;A Scene from the Season 9 skit The Real World wins as the Funniest Moment On All That( YEAH RIGHT!);LilJJ with Vital Information;Musical Guest:Bow Wow("All That Theme")

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