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These are the MOST popular quotes from Everyday French With Pierre Escargot! It's semi-educational!
*(Speaks French)May I take a nap in your nose? Ho Ho Ho Ho!

*(Speaks French)I have not showered in 36 days! Ho Ho Ho Ho!

*(Speaks French)Oh no the babysitter exploded! Ho Ho Ho Ho!

*(Speaks French)Kiss me under the baloney tree! Ho Ho Ho Ho!

*(Speaks French)Take those porkchops out of your brasierre! Ho Ho Ho Ho!

*(Speaks French)Hey! Stop licking my kangaroo!

*(Speaks French)I enjoyed meeting your sister in prison! Ho... Ho... Ho... Ho!

*(Speaks French)May I pop my pimple on your lasagna? Ho... Ho... Ho... Ho!

*(Speaks French)Excuse ME! I am not a drinking fountain! HO, hoh ho ho! WOOO!

*(Speaks French)Wow! How did you get an onion in there? Ho, ho ho ho, ho!

*(Speaks French)Thanks for the lovely used tissue! Ho! Ho ho ho ho!

*(Speaks French)Please remove your banjo from my belly button. HO, ho ho ho ho ho...

*(Speaks French)Oh no! The macaroni is infected! Ho ho, ho ho ho, ho!

*(Speaks French)I told you I had gas. HO, ho ho!

*(Speaks French)Merry Christmas! Can I get you a cup of hot fat? Ho! Ho ho ho. Ho!

*(Speaks French)That's not an elf, that's my grandmother! Ho! Ho ho, ho ho, ho!

*(Speaks French)Hey! Look what the reindeer left on my roof! (holds nose) Ho, ho ho, ho ho!

*(Speaks French) That's not bubblegum!That's Porkboy the Breakfast Monkey! Ho Ho Ho Ho!